Call for Submissions: Martinis and Motherhood- Tales of Wonder, Woe and WTF?!


Tipsy Squirrel Press

Call for Submissions

Book Title: Martinis and Motherhood – Tales of Wonder, Woe, and WTF?!

General Vibe: One of sisterhood and humour.

Unique Quality: Each story is paired with a customized martini.

Deadline for Submissions: Feb 5th, 2015

Shannon Day, of Martinis and Motherhood, and Tara Wilson, of Don’t Lick the Deck, have teamed up to combine their talents of…drinking and chasing squirrels. Wait that can’t be right…oh yeah, I know what our talents are: celebrating and toasting to our roles as moms! We know that an appreciation for humour, friendship and cocktails, has gotten us to where we are today and we’ve decided that this is the perfect premise for a book…

So, we are currently accepting submissions for our upcoming anthology. This unique collection of stories will make moms howl with laughter, smile with understanding, and be assured that they’re not the only ones who feel like they’re having an out-of-body experience, some days. The book will pair real-life stories of motherhood with simple, and tasty, customized martini recipes and a toast that moms can share with friends and family.

(For examples of the story/martini combination, check out: I Launder Therefore I Am and A Mother’s Journey from Slobbery to Sobbery).

Stories should be between 800-1200 words.  Please include a martini recipe AND a toast, if you are so inclined BUT it’s not mandatory!  A martini (+ toast) can be designed specifically for your story, if it is selected (see the toast format).

The book will be divided into three categories: Wonder, Woe and WTF?! Here is a general description of what we are looking for in each.

Wonder: These are stories that relay a sense of appreciation for your role as a mom. The idea of the Wonder category is to capture and cherish simple moments in motherhood, amidst all the chaos. We are looking for down-to-earth, relatable glimpses into your life, ideally a story that makes readers smile or shed a grateful tear.

You could write about the first time you held your new baby, or how it feels to see your kids helping one another, reassured by their moments of friendship. Or, you might write about the wonders and complexities of your role as a mom or the ways that you’ve changed and grown. Do you have a new definition of love or strength or happiness since the baby came along? Maybe you’ll find inspiration in the wisdom of your child as he/she teaches you about life.

Tell us an uplifting, feel good story that we can all share an appreciative toast to!

Woe: These are stories of times in your life, as a mom, where things didn’t go as planned. The idea of the Woe category is to validate other moms and to make them laugh with the details of your own misfortunes. We are not looking to share truly sad stories but more relatable, down-to-earth, tales of woe– told with humour.

Perhaps your child went through a clingy, screeching, or otherwise challenging phase which interfered with the smooth running of day-to-day life.  Or, maybe you’ve had an altercation with another mom at a playgroup or had to make a quick exit from a grocery store because of your child’s tantrum.  Sleep deprivation has resulted in plenty of tales of woe, so think back to those days, if you can remember them. We’ll brew the coffee if you are still catching up on that sleep!

Tell us a funny story of survival that we can all share a victorious toast to!

WTF?!: These are stories that go beyond the everyday chaos.  They have the potential to happen within any family setting but not everyone will have experienced them, due to their unique nature. The idea of the WTF?! category is to make other moms laugh at the absolute ridiculousness of our unpredictable lives as parents.  You’ll know these moments when you see them.  They’re the times that you start wildly looking around for witnesses, not because you’re afraid someone saw (or maybe you are) but because you’re afraid no one will believe you!  These are the stories that will have readers laughing hysterically and sharing with their friends.

Tell us a crazy story that we can all share a celebratory toast to!


Authors will be paid $100 for each published essay, approximately 3 months following publication, with additional compensation TBD.


Send your submissions to Shannon and Tara at by February 5th 2015.  Original material is preferred but we might consider previously published pieces (as long as you have the copyright). Please let us know if your story has been previously published. Also, ensure that the subject of your email says SUBMISSION and either Wonder, Woe or WTF?! Your essay, author bio (3-5 sentences), recipe and toast should all be in the body of the email, as well as attached as a Word document.  If you give us a virus, the drinks are on you.